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this life

I have moxie. I'll make it happen and love every minute of it.

Adventures abounded today for an hour. Missing my boys as today flips to tomorrow and I’m at my desk.
I took a little break tonight from #jzapril to watch this boy ride up and down the Mountian.
Morning view. 
I’m loving my run buddies. #son and #Faas #pumalife
Photo from the home front. Missing my guys.
Obligatory palm tree photo. 
#nofilter #because…California  (at Pepperdine University)
Again and again.  (at Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles)
Upgrade baby. Thanks @julietzulu for flying me around the world enough for a moment of premium life.
Drowning my sadness in this glass.
I am overwhelmed by the love he was given. To everyone that made his day so amazing, thank you.